Monday, August 6, 2012

Make Summer Swimming Fun and Safe for Your Kids

Pool and beach parties are synonymous with summer as everyone is out and about enjoying the warm weather with family and friends. However, extra care of kids while they swim is also an important part of summer so as to avoid injury and tragedy. That’s why proper training and supervision — especially for kids - is vital. Merritt

Island Land Rover wants you and yours to be safe this summer; thus, below are some tips provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help safeguard your family while swimming.

· Before entering water, the children should at least know some swimming basics, such as how to move and stay afloat in the water. Thus, getting your kids active in a swimming class early on is a very important first step to swimming safety. 

· Don’t let your children swim by themselves. If you’re unavailable, insist on them being accompanied by a trusted adult. Also, ensure that lifeguards are on duty and available when your kids are in water. 

· Be mindful when taking the boat out on the water. Stay abreast of weather reports and check posted beach or lake notices. Don’t enter water when its choppy or shows signs of rip currents as they can become quite dangerous. 

· If you have a pool on your property, secure the perimeter with proper fencing to help keep away curious children. Close the gates so that toddlers can’t gain access and accidentally fall in. 

· Always keep careful watch over your kids whenever they are in the water. Don’t assume that they can always alert you should they be in trouble. Watch them constantly and as you would apply sun block to protect them from the sun, be sure to always put life jackets on them to help keep them afloat.

With some preparation and attentive supervision, your children can surely have a whole lot of water fun and be safe this summer. After your fun day of summer swimming, come on over to Merritt Island Land Rover, serving the Orlando and Sanford, Florida areas, where we can help you find the best car for you and your family. Peruse our extensive lineup of quality new Land Rover cars and take advantage of our money-saving special Land Rover offers. Complete an application today to qualify for your new car today!