Sunday, May 18, 2014

REEL Florida

     Did you know that one oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day? By taking in viruses, bacteria, algae and other substances, there is potential for Mosquito Lagoon to become a happier healthier ecosystem; with the restoration of Oyster Beds and sea grass. 

     The positive outcomes of Linda Walter's project include protecting our shore lines from corrosion and cleaning up the lagoon it self. "Since 2007, the project has restored 1.8 acres of oyster reef, adding almost 4.2 million oysters to the lagoon. That’s enough to filter up to 210 million gallons a day, or 318 Olympic-sized swimming pools."- Jim Waymer at Florida Today.

Naples, FL

     The University of Central Florida has published and app (REEL Florida) to help towards the cause. In order to keep preserving and recruiting new oysters, fisherman and boaters need a way to find hazardous areas and steer clear of them. This can protect the oysters and sea grass as they develop, and keep our boaters happy and healthy. Running through sea grass even at low speeds can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your boat and even leave you stranded. 

     The app, which is free in the Apple App store, also can be used to locate boat ramps, boat-in restaurants and boat-tow service, according to the University of Central Florida. Here are a few screen shots of the app: