Friday, July 27, 2012

8 Easy Tips for Pet-friendly Hotel Stays

Image copyrighted by APEX
People generally take their pets, particularly dogs, wherever they go. At Merritt Island Land Rover, your trusted Florida Land Rover car dealer in Merritt Island , we understand that your pets are close to your hearts and you can’t leave them alone when you go out. Therefore, we offer a few tips to manage your pets at while at hotels.

1. Don’t leave your dog alone in your room – it may invite serious trouble. The dogs may get scared at a new place and wreak havoc by tearing apart curtains, damaging furniture, etc. They may also create a nuisance by barking nonstop. Thus, keep them with you as much as possible.

2. Take your dogs only to pet-friendly hotels. Nowadays, hotels and motels understand that your pets are an extension of your family and thus, display the “pet-friendly” boards with pride at most places. However, it’s always a really good idea if your dog is already house-trained so as to provide other families the same opportunity to stay in a clean, pleasant room.

3. Make sure that your pooch is flea-free. If not, guests may be itching to leave.

4. Bring along your dog’s bed and or his favorite blanket so he’ll be more comfortable when it comes time to sleep. Don’t allow your pet to jump on your bed while in the hotel. If your dog sleeps with you in bed, spread his blanket on the bed and have him rest on that.

5. Hotel tubs are meant for customers, not dogs; thus, don’t want wash dogs there.

6. Bring your dog’s food and water bowl on the trip. Don’t use the hotel’s things, or check if the hotel provides dog bowls.

7. Let everyone see your cute dog, but don’t allow her to bark excessively.

8.  Check if the hotel charges extra for your dog’s stay or not, as many charge a fee for dogs. Also, don’t lie to the hotel manager about your dog’s size while booking rooms. Tell them clearly whether your pets are small or large. And also never try to sneak your dog into a hotel without informing the hotel staff. You may get caught and forced to leave.

Following these simple tips should make for a more comfortable trip with your pet and allow for everyone to enjoy their vacation even more!