Monday, June 25, 2012

6 Easy Tips to Driving More Green

Saving our planet's resources has been a popular topic for sometime now. The auto industry has a growing number of hybrid cars and electric vehicles now available to help preserve earth’s resources. On the wide world web, you also have a never ending supply of information about the latest green cars. While we all would like to do what we can to help save our planet, unfortunately, it is a fact that not all of us can buy a green car, as usually the main deciding factor depends on cost. However, we can still drive green. How? simply making a pledge not to pollute the environment and by following a few easy steps to help increase your current car’s efficiency.

· Maintain regular service intervals for your car: Generally these recommendations are outlined in the owner’s manual that is given by the dealer at the time of the vehicle’s purchase. A fuel system clean or fixing any exhaust problems can considerably reduce the quantity of harmful emissions.

· Outfit your car with fuel efficient tires: This is usually a great idea when it's time to replace your old tires. Making sure that your tires are always inflated adequately according to the manufacturer’s recommended level can also assist in making your car more fuel efficient.

· Improve your driving habits: Actually, the way you drive your vehicle on a daily basis is more important than what you drive. Observe your speed and limit aggressive driving as the faster you drive, the more gas you burn. Reduce your speed when not required. Avoid unnecessary idling as this too, taxes your gas.

· Cool your car the natural way: Park your car under a tree or use window shades during summer whenever possible. This way you car’s AC does not have to work hard to cool the atmosphere inside when you step in. Roll down your windows to save on your AC. However, use your AC when driving on the highway as open windows in speeds above 70 can cause a wind draft which creates resistance that will cause the car to burn more gas.

· Join a carpool: It’s understandable that some folks won’t like the idea of giving up their cars; but the less cars on the road, the less emissions. Also, bundling your errands together will help reduce wasted time and gas going back and forth.

· Recycle what you can: When you replace your old tires, any car parts or change your oil, see it to that they are recycled.

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