Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Attention Motorists - Don’t Forget to Get your Eye Exams!

As a responsible motorist perhaps you check your car’s gasoline, seat belt, tire pressure and other safety features regularly but how often do you get your eye exams?  Healthy eyesight and routine eye exams are very important for drivers as poor vision may lead to fatal accidents and the only way to ensure your eyesight is excellent is by getting regular eye exams.

Comprehensive eye examinations can detect if drivers are having any sort of vision problems that otherwise are difficult to detect. According to the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention, approximately 11 million Americans ages 12 years and older could see better aided by contact lenses and/or reading glasses. Sometimes eye surgery is also found to be helpful.

Eye physicians say that most people do not realize that they have a poor vision because they are unaware of what should be seen. Most people feel that an eye exam is needed when they notice a problem. However, this is one of the most common eye myths, whereas the fact is most of the times eye problems develop slowly and slight changes can go unnoticed until it is too late to reverse the damaging effect to one’s eyes. In fact, drivers won’t forget to buckle their seatbelts but surprisingly may forget to wear their lenses or glasses while driving.

Along with taking other safety measures while driving, it is the responsibility of every driver to ensure they are fit to drive before getting behind the wheel so that they do not harm themselves or others on the roads. Unfortunately, most drivers take this responsibility lightly as this is a daily routine activity. To be a responsible driver, it is your duty to keep your eyes fit. For starters, each driver ensure they schedule an eye exam on a yearly basis. While there also alert your optometrist or ophthalmologist of any changes to your eye sight.

Below are some tips to promote good eye health and safe driving:

· If driving at night is difficult, seek the assistance of an optometrist.

· Always wear your prescribed eye wear while driving.

· Get your eyes checked regularly by an optometrist to maintain healthy vision.

· Always keep your vehicle’s taillights, headlights, and windshield clean.

· Ask your eye doctor for anti-reflective or polarized lens on prescription glasses to minimize glare from the sun.

· Ensure your eyewear is always clean.

· Wear sunglasses when needed and avoid using frames that have wide temple pieces that can block your side vision.

· While driving for long hours, take intermittent breaks to reduce eyestrain and fatigue.

This message was brought to you by Merritt Island Land Rover, a leading new Land Rover dealer serving the Titusville and Palm Bay, Florida areas, reminding everyone to get an annual eye exam to ensure your safety and that of others, while driving.