Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Introducing the Range Rover Velar

Velar is an SUV that exudes a sense of precision, craft and quality. With fast and flush glass, delicate and beautifully slim illumination and features – inside and out – rendered invisible until required, Velar belongs in the precision-led design world of 21st century technology.
Range Rover Velar
Yet its unmistakable fidelity to the idea that gave birth to the original Range Rover – the idea that what use is groundbreaking technology and engineering if it does not expand and enhance its customer’s engagement with the world – loans it an indisputable sense of purpose. 
Velar takes its name from the prototypes of the first Range Rover, the first vehicle to take luxury and technology into unexplored territory – literally. Velar, with its dramatically different approach to luxury and technology builds on that idea, expanding – once again – our understanding of the notion of a luxury SUV.
Perfect Proportions

Flush-fitting features and meticulous attention to detail form the backbone of the new Velar design. Here are some features we know you will love about it: 

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