Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great News from Land Rover !

We are happy to report to you that the 2010 model-year Land Rovers are still garnering accolades from several corners of our market. From the news media corner, we're delighted to inform you that Motor Trend magazine has just declared the Land Rover LR4 the winner in a rough-and-tumble comparison test against two worthy rivals: the Lexus GX460 and the Mercedes-Benz GL450. Not surprisingly, the LR4 ran away with the off-road portion of the test, performed in Death Valley, California. "Off-road prowess? Easily best.” "Through these big windows and windshield, the Sierras, Eureka Dunes, even the dusty-green Joshua Trees that litter Death Valley look as though shot through [film director James] Cameron's IMAX 3D."

Even more rewarding was Motor Trend's summary of the LR4's on-road talent: "Brilliant steering that'sboth light and fluid, yet offers plenty of feel and feedback – wouldn't mind this in a sports car."On space, the editors captured the LR4's core flexibility: "[We] love the multi-configurable seatingarrangement and genuinely flat load floor … could easily camp at night back there."

Motor Trend summarized the whole article with these words: "From the off-road prowess, utilitarianseven-passenger interior and split folding tailgate to the gorgeous leather-and-wood cabin, brawny V8, and supple ride, the LR4 is for discerning, adventurous professionals who want a go-anywhere, doanythingrig, whether hitting the trail or the town. [It is] Indiana Jones in a sheetmetal suit."

Check back for more great news to come!