Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Range Rover Sport: Vehicle Highlights

Range Rover Sport is undoubtedly our most dynamic SUV ever. Performance and capability are exceptional, and a range of advanced technologies deliver an assured, confident driving experience. With sportier design cues and a powerful, muscular stance, this is a vehicle designed for impact.


Muscular and perfectly proportioned, Range Rover Sport is designed to command attention wherever you take it. Every aspect of the vehicle has been designed with precision for immediate impact; its lower, sportier stance is enhanced by the revised front and rear bumpers with integrated exhaust finishers1. A dramatic, modern feel is completed by the wrap-around LED headlights with front and rear Animated Directional Indicators. This powerful, athletic vehicle is now more compelling than ever.

Range Rover Sport: Vehicle Highlights


Luxurious, supremely comfortable and exceptionally functional, Range Rover Sport is a driver’s vehicle through and through. The signature cockpit has been extensively reimagined; every element meticulously designed and beautifully executed. Intuitive controls include the SportShift Selector gear lever, providing the option of manual gear shifting and flush touch-sensitive steering wheel switches. The sense of luxury and innovation is reinforced by the revolutionary Touch Pro Duo technology, which incorporates two 10" Touchscreens as standard. The finest materials combine seamlessly with dynamic sports detailing.


From power and sheer driving pleasure to fuel economy and refinement, there is a range of engines available for Range Rover Sport and each has been optimised for specific attributes to cater for all needs. All engines are equipped with Stop/Start technology and smart regenerative solutions to capture wasted kinetic energy when the vehicle is decelerating and reduce fuel consumption, especially during urban driving. Ingenium technology underpins the 4 and 6-cylinder petrol engines and the 6-cylinder diesel engines in the Range Rover Sport range. These low friction, all-aluminium engines have stiff cylinder blocks and twin balancer shafts to ensure inherently low levels of vibration, enabling a smooth and refined driving experience.

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