Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A New Discovery by Land Rover

Land Rover has been doing a good job hiding everything we want to know and see for the new 2017 Discovery. What we do know is that it's going to be the future of SUVs for families. It's appearance is completely covered but it has been said that it follows the trend of the Range Rover Evoque and will be even more stylish.

Details are very scarce but the new Land Rover will include advanced technology that will increase the capability for off-road driving. In addition, the 2017 Discovery will be the first vehicle that can adjust seats by an app! The new Discovery will still be a full sized seven seated vehicle, 9 USB ports so kids can charge their electronics as well as secure storage for four iPads.

For the fifth generation since 1989, the new Discovery will be shown at the Frankfurt motor show later this month.

The 2017 Discovery will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show on September 28!

See how Bear Grylls configures the seats from his smartphone while free-falling down the sky:

Check out the All-New Land Rover Discovery Testing:

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