Friday, January 16, 2015

Land Rover Driving School Vermont

One of our clients, Mr. Foster, recently attended the Land Rover Driving School in Vermont. Here is what Mr. Foster had to say about the experience:

"Got a lesson in 4-wheel off road driving in the SNOW, just like I wanted for our Vermont trip. The Range Rover I got to drive is the actual one Land Rover used recently in a reality TV show that drove it along the Continental Divide from Denver to Telluride. The show should be airing on TV this Spring and it's called the "Great Divide". The trails we used are in Manchester, Vermont at Mount Equinox....very scenic! Attached are a few pictures that either Ann or my instructor took. Notice how the vehicle tries to level itself with the independent air suspension as the terrain goes up and down. The first half was without wheel chains and then we chained up. The chains were for stopping side slipping when leaning over on a steep side slope. They were not needed for forward traction. I spent 2 hours off-road and got saturated with instructions."

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Mr. Foster!